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Breastfeeding and Allergies/Asthma

Breastfeeding and Allergies/Asthma

Breastfeeding-Only Tied to Lower Allergy Risk at Age 6

Exclusive breastfeeding during the first 3 months of life was associated with significant reduction in respiratory allergies among children at age 6, according to a longitudinal study. Analysis of data from 1,177 mother-child pairs in the Infant Feeding Practices Study II (IFPS II) demonstrated ...
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Health benefits of breastfeeding

They also found, for women who breastfed their infant for more than twelve months, the risk for diabetes later in life was cut by thirty percent, and the risk for hypertension was cut by thirteen percent. "Certainly we know that avoiding alcohol and smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and ...

Breastfeeding and risks of allergies and asthma

In an Acta Paediatrica study, exclusive breastfeeding for the first 3 months was linked with a lower risk of respiratory allergies and asthma when children reached 6 years of age. In the study of 1,177 mother-infant pairs, a third of the children were exclusively breastfed until the age of 3 months.
Science Daily


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