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Nutritional Yeast for Beginners

Nutritional Yeast for Beginners

Paleo Foods: Nutritional Yeast

As we hunker down into the winter season, everyone is craving rich comfort food Mac and cheese, chili, hearty stews, mashed potatoes Well, heres one Paleo-friendly seasoning to supercharge your cold-weather recipes with extra umami and just a hint of cheesy goodness: nutritional yeast! It kind ...

Nutritional yeast: How to use the vegan cheese substitute

That's a cute nickname for a flaky, healthy protein powerhouse named nutritional yeast. Used as a vegan cheese substitute, it's found in soups, gravies, and even 'macaroni and yeast.' There are quite a few reasons to learn to love this dairy-free cheese-tasting substance, like a trimmer waistline and its health benefits.

Dairy Free Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe

Dairy Free Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe Whenever I'm craving a rich and creamy pasta, but want something a little different from the typical cream sauce I love making this Dairy Free Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe. Not only is it super delicious, it's really easy to make! You start by soaking cashews in water, draining them and setting them aside while you prepare some of the other sauce ingredients.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

These Vegan Mashed Potatoes are so good, creamy and buttery, no one will ever guess that they're not "the real deal". No need to tell them that'll be your little secret! When I first decided to go Vegan, I remember thinking that I would never again be able to eat decent mashed potatoes and I [ ] The post Vegan Mashed Potatoes appeared first on The Healthy Foodie.

Vegan Parmesan

This 5 ingredient Vegan Parmesan only takes 2 minutes to make, and it's so crazy tasty, you'll want to sprinkle it on everything! Think "nooch" to the 10th power! If you're a vegan, then you probably sprinkle nutritional yeast, aka nooch on just about everything you eat. Well, ok. Maybe not your morning cereal, or [ ] The post Vegan Parmesan appeared first on The Healthy Foodie.

Flavor Watch: Kick it up a Nooch

With a 40 percent growth in menu mentions over the past year,* nutritional yeast (more casually known by its street name nooch) is being put to good use by more chefs intent on delivering a nutritious punch of flavor. Whether used as an addition to a pure of cashews and seasonings to create a vegan cheese or as a topping for pastas, salads and soups, the golden flakes deliver an umami-rich boost of flavor.

You won't believe this creamy Vegan leek, cauliflower and broccoli bake is dairy-free!

Going Vegan doesn't mean you have to miss out on creamy treats like a pasta bake or in this cake a delicious vegetable bake! This leek, cauliflower and broccoli creamy bake from Lucy & Lentils from the Brish Leek Growers' Association is bursting full of vegetable goodness to help you reach your fie a day whilst also staying warm throughout these colder months, it's a win, win!
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Cacio e pepe, Hold the Cheese

By Alexa Weibel, The New York Times Cacio e pepe pasta quite literally, cheese and pepper pasta is as defined by its ingredients as peanut butter and jelly. Like many classic Italian dishes, it requires just a few good-quality items (pasta, cheese and pepper) and attention to technique (emulsifying grated cheese and starchy pasta water into a silky, salty sauce).
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I Sprinkle This on My Lunch to Add 3 Grams of Protein and Only 20 Calories

I've also found another food that offers a decent amount of protein: nutritional yeast, which vegans agree is basically magical fairy dust. A one-tablespoon serving is only 20 calories and offers three grams of protein. I've been sprinkling it on my lunch every day, and aside from adding a delicious mild cheesy flavor, the extra protein has helped me feel more satisfied after I eat.
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10 healthy lasagna recipes that serve as the ultimate comfort food

Lasagna is the quintessential comfort food. Traditionally served piping hot and oozing with cheese spilling out from layers of pasta, the Italian dish is a cold-weather classic. For eaters who either cant or choose not to consume dairy, meat, or gluten, there are many alternative homemade lasagna recipes out there.